gALPHA is a free, four-week venture-creation workshop designed to help entrepreneurially-minded students and technologists create high-growth startups. gALPHA provides product ideas, mentorship and coaching to teams of students and technologists, and then works with them one-on-one for one month to help them develop an innovative and marketable product or solution.

Who Can Apply?

  • Entrepreneurially-minded individuals or teams who have technical skills in computer science, engineering, design and emerging technologies.

Deliverables During
gALPHA Include:

    • Product Development: Participants will ideate, validate and build minimum viable products (MVPs).
    • Culture: Participants will experience first-hand the challenges, but also tremendous benefit, of iterating quickly with minimal resources in solving business problems.
    • Methodology: Participants will come away with a roadmap for testing new ideas through the design of an MVP.

    Upcoming Program:

    gALPHA Beloit

    Program Dates: 


    Meet with us during Beloit Office Hours!


    gALPHA Beloit
    635 Third Street
    Beloit, WI 53211

    Phil Fonfara